Welcome to King of the Hill 2015

A Serious Football Pool - It's called by many different names, survivor pool, suicide pool, knock-out, elemination, but we prefer "King of the Hill". The basic premise is that you create or join a team of players (a Gridiron) competing against each other. You select ONE team you say will win for that week. If your team wins, you continue. If your team loses, you are out. The last player standing is The King of the Hill.

Register to Play King of the Hill Football Pool

The system is comprised of Gridirons (which are like teams) and their Commissioners (the person who creates the Gridiron) and the Players who may join and play on one or several Gridirons.

Gridirons may be either private (meaning players must request authorization to join the Gridiron) or public (meaning anyone can join).

Your first step is to register, after that you may login and search for a Gridiron to join or create a Gridiron of your own and invite others to play. Good Luck!

What's Up

It's that time of year again. Camps are open, preseason games are on their way and we are getting ready for the 2015 King of the Hill season!

It's still our tradition and policy to start the season on the first Sunday of the regular season schedule (we do not include the kick-off game on Thursday, Sept 10th, in our schedule).

The picks are only visible to everyone 24 hours before the first games of the week. That way no one can see what everyone else picked prior to the deadline. The less knowledgeable can't pick based on what everyone else is picking.

Get started today!