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How to Play! Find out the rules of play, how to use the website and general definitions used in King of Hill.

Playing Instructions

The rules are very simple; in fact, there are only three rules.

  1. Pick a NFL team to win each week, and continue to pick until your team loses. In the event your team ends in a tie game, you will be out of the pool. Once you make your selection, you will be able to change it up until 12:00 noon, CST, of the day before the first game of each week.
  2. Place your selection prior to 12:00 noon, CST, of the day before the first game of each week. Usually this is Saturday. If you fail to place your pick prior to this time, you will be given the home team on Monday Night Football for that given week.

If you fail to place your pick in time, resulting in defaulting to the MNF home team, but that's not what you wanted, tough. Your gridiron commissioner or deputy commissioners have the ability to fix your past picks to revise your roster status, but most won't do so unless you've got a darn good reason for missing the deadline!

Each Gridiron (pool) will continue until there is one person remaining, or until the Super Bowl, and those remaining are the winners.

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- One game of King of the Hill consisting of a public or private group of people. There can be 2-1000 Players in one Gridiron. can allow for countless individual Gridirons.

Commissioner - The one who manages and or coordinates a Gridiron. The Commissioner sets up the Gridiron and determines whether a Gridiron is public or private. The Commissioner has the authority to accept or decline a Player from a Private Gridiron he/she created. As Commissioner you also have the ability to create and update Gridiron News.

Deputy Commissioner - Can assist the Commissioner and has much of the same authority as the commissioner.

Player - an individual participant or user within a Gridiron.

Player Status:

  • Contract Negotiation - A Player who has applied for a Private Gridiron but has not yet been accepted.
  • Benched - A Player who has made a bad or inaccurate pick and is now out of the running to be King of the Hill.
  • Practice Squad - A Player who has made a bad or inaccurate pick but wishes to continue to make picks through out the season just for fun.
  • Starting Lineup - A Player who has made a good pick(s) and is still eligible to be King of the Hill.

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Site Instructions - Registering and using King of the Hill

  1. Click the "Register" link at the top of the page.
  2. Complete the fields in the registration form. Fields indicated with a (* ) are required fields. It is most important that you use a valid working e-mail address. It is also HIGHLY encouraged that you list your First and Last name in the system even though these fields are not required. The commissioner will not necessarily know who you are by your Username. IMPORTANT NOTE: The information you are submitting to is ONLY used for the purpose of operating the system. This information will in no way be used for any other purpose other than maintaining and operating the game. Your information will not be sold to any third party or used for email marketing purposes of any kind. If you have any questions about this you can contact the site owner at
  3. After completing the registration form click the "Register" button.
  4. You will quickly receive an email confirming your registration to You will also be directed to a page that says, "Registration successful! You man now log in." Click the link that says "log in."
  5. Type your Username and Password in the fields provided and then click the "Login" button.
  6. The next screen you see will say the following:
  7. "Welcome back, <username>!No valid gridirons have been selected. If you're just logging in for the first time, try searching for a gridiron by clicking on "Your Gridirons" and then you can file an application to play for that gridiron. Or if you wish, you may create your very own gridiron, of which you will be chief commissioner."
  8. Click the "Your Gridirons" link at the top of the page.
  9. You will then be told that "You are not listed on any rosters." Click the "Search for a Gridiron" link.
  10. Enter specific parameters (to see all Gridirons just click the "Search" Button without filling in anything) and then click the "Search" Button.
  11. The results will display available Gridirons. Click the Gridiron of your choice
  12. If it is a private Gridiron you must submit for inclusion. In the "Your Player Application:" field please type your request and then click the "Apply!" button.
  13. Your application will be processed by the Commissioner of the Gridiron. Once they have processed your application you will receive an e-mail response. At that point you will be able to login into the system and make your picks and view all the other Players in the system.
  14. If it is a public Gridiron you may just click the "Apply" Button to be added.
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If you have any question you can e-mail the site Administrator at


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